Ways to Keep Your Memory Sharp

Don’t forget about physical exercise

Believe it or not, when you’re Exercising your Body, you’re exercising your Mind as well. Aerobic exercise gets your blood pumping, which increases the Oxygen going to your Brain and lowers your risk of disorders such as Diabetes and Cardiovascular disease that can lead to Memory loss. If you can, start with some exercise in

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7 Superfoods That Can Change Your Life

You are what you eat is an adage that holds more truth than you may realize. Unfortunately, many people today focus their diet around processed foods that are high in Sugar, Sodium and Fat. Diets such as this can increase a person’s risk of developing Diabetes, Heart Disease, Obesity, and more. You can protect your body and health against such

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How To Dine Out If You Have a Food Allergy

Food allergies shouldn’t prevent you from dining out with your friends and family. Unfortunately, though, many people with food allergies resort to cooking their own meals to reduce the risk of an adverse reaction. From Dairy and Nuts to Gluten (Wheat-based protein) and Shellfish, there are certain foods that people must avoid to prevent adverse reactions.

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Healthy Snacks: Eating Kiwis Can Make You Feel Better

The results of a recent study conducted at the University of Otago, in New Zealand, indicate that eating KIWI FRUIT can make one feel better. This is accomplished in two ways: ENERGY is increased and MOOD is improved. Over a period of six weeks, 54 young and healthy university students consumed kiwis on a daily basis. The study participants were

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A Healthy Lifestyle Benefits Your Mind AND Body ~

We all know that a healthy lifestyle, such as not Smoking, keeping your Weight down, eating right, regular EXERCISE, and low moderate Alcohol intake contributes to long-term health benefits. The recently completed Caerphilly Cohort Study expands the known benefits of a healthy lifestyle to include more evidence for improvements in COGNITIVE FUNCTION, and a reduced incidence of Dementia.


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Can You Use Acupuncture for Weight Loss?

Everyone is looking for the secret to weight loss, without falling victim to the latest gimmicks. With so many different opinions about how to lose weight, it can be difficult to tell what will really work.

Fortunately there is a technique for weight loss that has been tested for centuries:  acupuncture.

This technique is safe, sound and reliable. And, even

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What Five Star Restaurants Teach You about Healthy Snacks for Kids

A fine meal at a good restaurant has many details. It uses fresh ingredients and interesting recipes. There is a variety of foods and the presentation is pleasing.

When food is prepared thoughtfully and beautifully, even the most basic meal becomes an experience. You can’t wait to try it. Once you start eating, you want to savor it.

But getting

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The Holiday Survival Tool Kit: How to Not Drink at Parties (And Still Have Fun)

The Holiday Season is upon us and we all know what that means…..parties!.

Parties at work, parties at church, parties at school, fundraiser parties, caroling parties, Secret Santa parties…

It’s the season of so many parties that we long for a weekend night with nothing scheduled.

All the parties can lead to EXCESS, but the biggest party of the season,

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The Best (and Worst) Thanksgiving Foods

Thanksgiving is a great meal.  Friends and family come together to GIVE THANKS and celebrate the Harvest Season —

…and to overeat.

All of us know the feeling of eating too much, too heavy, too rich.  When we should be enjoying our time with loved ones, we are uncomfortable.  We exasperate our health conditions and catch a cold.  We put

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More than Needles: 3 Traditional Chinese Medicine Therapies You Can Do at Home

If you asked the average person how Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) keeps you healthy, they would probably answer that it uses ACUPUNCTURE needles.

That is a good start.

TCM is a complex understanding of how Qi, or Life Force, affects your health.  Qi flows through meridians passing through points which can be used to regulate and control that flow. 

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