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Men’s Health and Vitality

001Dr. Boxer has been offering Men’s Vitality & Anti-Aging Programs for many years.  Dr. Boxer’s specialties include: Men’s Health, Erectile Concerns, Premature Ejaculation, Delayed  Ejaculation, High and Low Libido, Prostate Disorders, Frequent, Urgent, and Hesitant Urination, Infertility, Cancer Support, Stress,  Anxiety,  Insomnia,  Hemorrhoids, Functional Nutrition,  Detox Programs,  Emotional Concerns, Anti-Aging & Gastrointestinal disorders.

Dr. Boxer utilizes a Gentle Japanese Style Acupuncture, Chinese & Western Herbal Medicine, Functional Nutrition & Homeopathic remedies to restore your system to Optimal Health.  She offers 1 – 3 week Detox/Cleanse Programs to restore Men’s Vitality.

Dr. Boxer is a part of the team at:

310-450-9711 Directions