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PMS, Anxiety & Depression

“Before I came to Mindy, I suffered from extreme menstrual symptoms– such as vice-grip headaches, excessive bleeding, overly emotional, an overall fogginess, etc.  After about four weeks under her care, I began to slowly see the once debilitating symptoms, begin to lessen.  That was a year and a half ago.  Since then, I have been able to apply acupuncture and herbal medicine to all areas of my life, including depression, anxiety, a concussion from a random accident, even the common cold. 

I’m generally someone who is not comfortable with doctors, but Mindy is warm, extremely compassionate and genuinely cares about my health and well being.  She’s extremely passionate about what she does, and continuously strives to stay abreast of the most current methods.

“I have seen many results in the last year, and now consider acupuncture,  herbal medicine and Mindy Boxer a part of taking great care of myself on a regular basis.”

A.B. , Screenwriter

310-450-9711 Directions