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Pregnant, Naturally!

I started seeing Dr Boxer after 3 months of unsuccessful TTC cycles to help regulate my menstrual cycles that continued getting longer each month. Even though it was early, Dr Boxer was warm, inviting, listened to my concerns and in addition to weekly Acupuncture, gave me a great supplement and Herbal program to help regulate my cycles and prepare my body for baby. Three weeks later I got my positive pregnancy test and am now starting my third trimester.

I have seen Dr Boxer throughout my pregnancy and believe her treatments and support have been the key in my easy pregnancy. I had very mild nausea and fatigue in the first trimester and have felt great since. I leave each appointment refreshed and relaxed.

I can’t recommend Dr Boxer enough! She is a great advocate in this journey, extremely knowledgeable about her craft, and truly cares about her patients,

Love, love, love her!!!


Consultant, Santa Monica

310-450-9711 Directions