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Fertility Success

I started seeing Dr. Mindy Boxer for acupuncture treatments in February. I was almost 39 and wanted to start a family. I had anticipated it taking a while to get pregnant and having to undergo potentially stressful and costly fertility treatments. But my husband and I found out in March that we were able to get pregnant on our own and would have our first child in November! I have to think that the acupuncture, which reduces stress and is reported to improve fertility, as well as the supplements Dr. Boxer provided and the guidance she offered for adopting a more healthful diet all contributed to our ability to get pregnant quickly. Dr. Boxer is knowledgeable, nurturing, has a positive energy, and is fun to work with. I look forward to my sessions with her each week, and so far I’ve had a relatively smooth pregnancy. I highly recommend Dr. Boxer for help with stress, fertility and nutrition.


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