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Health, Wellness, Neck Pain

I tried a few different acupuncturist in Santa Monica and found that while the treatments worked for my upper back pain, the experience was much like going to the dentist. Then I started going to Dr. Boxer and had a whole different experience.

The treatment rooms are very relaxing and spa like, not at all clinical like the others. Dr. Boxer also adds lots of nice touches, like tea while you’re waiting and music of your choice while in treatment.

She did a very thorough assessment of my health, including diet, sleep, stress, medications and personal questions to see how they could be contributing to the pain and how she could customize my treatments. This was way beyond the standard form every doctor gives you to fill out and then promptly ignores.

Dr. Boxer herself is very personable and has an obvious and very genuine interest in the well being of her patients. She has no staff and there is no bureaucracy around the visit, which is a welcome change from the typical medical office.

Getting an appointment was always pretty easy in the two years I saw her regularly. Free street and easy meter parking is also abundant.


310-450-9711 Directions