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Fertility Success

I started seeing Dr. Mindy Boxer for acupuncture treatments in February. I was almost 39 and wanted to start a family. I had anticipated it taking a while to get pregnant and having to undergo potentially stressful and costly fertility treatments. But my husband and I found out in March that we were able to get pregnant on our own

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Health, Wellness, Neck Pain

I tried a few different acupuncturist in Santa Monica and found that while the treatments worked for my upper back pain, the experience was much like going to the dentist. Then I started going to Dr. Boxer and had a whole different experience.

The treatment rooms are very relaxing and spa like, not at all clinical like the others. Dr.

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Referral from Doula

I really love Mindy and as a doula I send her a lot of my pregnant  clients and they  are  always very satisfied.  I have sent her moms who had never had acupuncture before but needed a little help getting things started to avoid a medical induction and it almost never failed. With Mindy’s love and ability to get the

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Pancreatic Cancer Survivor

Where do I begin? Dr. Boxer is simply life changing. She is that rare combination of practitioner, both loving and highly knowledgeable. She is committed to helping others. Has been practicing for over 20 years. Currently, I see her once a week and her sublime acupuncture treatments, along with nutritional counseling, are guiding back to full health from Pancreatic Cancer.

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