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Successful conception & Easy pregnancy

“I started seeing Dr. Boxer when I removed my IUD and my husband and I started thinking about having a baby.  I was having trouble getting my menstrual cycle regular but within a month and half of Dr. Boxer’s Acupuncture, Herbal and Vitamin treatment, I was able to regulate my period and ovulation cycle. One month later, I was

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IVF Success with Acupuncture & Herbs

“I have been seeing Dr. Boxer for 10 months now and the experience has been great. She is very caring and knowledgeable.  I always enjoy our weekly session as it is relaxing and soothing.   After working with Dr. Boxer for 5 months utilizing Acupuncture & Herbs, my husband and I successfully conceived twins from our first IVF attempt!

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Pregnant, Naturally!

I started seeing Dr Boxer after 3 months of unsuccessful TTC cycles to help regulate my menstrual cycles that continued getting longer each month. Even though it was early, Dr Boxer was warm, inviting, listened to my concerns and in addition to weekly Acupuncture, gave me a great supplement and Herbal program to help regulate my cycles and prepare

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Helped restore a healthy balance to my life

“Acupuncture has really helped me over the last year restore a healthy balance to my life – both mentally and physically. I have a pretty hectic job and a heavy travel schedule. The addition of Acupuncture to my weekly schedule has helped significantly in keeping my body in routine, maintaining sleep patterns, overcoming stress & anxiety, keeping me from illness

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