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Acupuncture in Santa Monica, CA

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Balance & Harmony

Watching the sun set. Smelling the first signs of Spring. Hearing the surf break. These are sensations we remember and honor. But they’re also sensations we sometimes forget.

In our fast-paced lives, we can become more interested in what’s outside than what’s inside. We can lose the sense of balance and inner harmony that makes us human.

Dr. Mindy Boxer brings over 25 years of experience and passion to her practice of Nutrition, Acupuncture and Natural Medicine in Santa Monica. Her specialties include: Fertility & Healthy Pregnancy, Women’s Healthcare, PMS, Menopause, Breast Cancer Support, Insomnia, Men’s Health & Vitality, Erectile Dysfunction, Prostate Support, Functional Nutrition, Detox Programs, “Pre-Conception Cleanse,” Anti-Aging, Gastrointestinal disorders, Stress and Anxiety.

Dr. Boxer utilizes a Gentle Japanese style Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine, and Nutritional & Homeopathic remedies to restore your system to optimal health. She teaches you to tap into your body’s healing capacities, allowing you to take charge of your physical and mental well-being.

Dr Boxer holding a baby
Dr. Boxer with 4 month old baby.
Onesie says: "Got Qi?"

I started seeing Dr. Mindy Boxer for acupuncture treatments in February. I was almost 39 and wanted to start a family. I had anticipated it taking a while to get pregnant and having to undergo potentially stressful and costly fertility treatments. But my husband and I found out in March that we were able to get pregnant on our own and would have our first child in November! I have to think that the acupuncture, which reduces stress and is

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I tried a few different acupuncturist in Santa Monica and found that while the treatments worked for my upper back pain, the experience was much like going to the dentist. Then I started going to Dr. Boxer and had a whole different experience.

The treatment rooms are very relaxing and spa like, not at all clinical like the others. Dr. Boxer also adds lots of nice touches, like tea while you’re waiting and music of your choice while in treatment.

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I really love Mindy and as a doula I send her a lot of my pregnant  clients and they  are  always very satisfied.  I have sent her moms who had never had acupuncture before but needed a little help getting things started to avoid a medical induction and it almost never failed. With Mindy’s love and ability to get the moms calm and welcoming many of my clients following their visits with her, experienced a gentle birth.


Where do I begin? Dr. Boxer is simply life changing. She is that rare combination of practitioner, both loving and highly knowledgeable. She is committed to helping others. Has been practicing for over 20 years. Currently, I see her once a week and her sublime acupuncture treatments, along with nutritional counseling, are guiding back to full health from Pancreatic Cancer. Go see her. You can thank me later.


“I started seeing Dr. Boxer when I removed my IUD and my husband and I started thinking about having a baby.  I was having trouble getting my menstrual cycle regular but within a month and half of Dr. Boxer’s Acupuncture, Herbal and Vitamin treatment, I was able to regulate my period and ovulation cycle. One month later, I was pregnant!!

I continued to receive weekly Acupuncture treatments throughout my pregnancy and I have to say, it was

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“I have been seeing Dr. Boxer for 10 months now and the experience has been great. She is very caring and knowledgeable.  I always enjoy our weekly session as it is relaxing and soothing.   After working with Dr. Boxer for 5 months utilizing Acupuncture & Herbs, my husband and I successfully conceived twins from our first IVF attempt!  I strongly believe Dr. Boxer’s treatments played an important role in our success, and I am continuing Acupuncture throughout my

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I started seeing Dr Boxer after 3 months of unsuccessful TTC cycles to help regulate my menstrual cycles that continued getting longer each month. Even though it was early, Dr Boxer was warm, inviting, listened to my concerns and in addition to weekly Acupuncture, gave me a great supplement and Herbal program to help regulate my cycles and prepare my body for baby. Three weeks later I got my positive pregnancy test and am now starting my third trimester.

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“Acupuncture has really helped me over the last year restore a healthy balance to my life – both mentally and physically. I have a pretty hectic job and a heavy travel schedule. The addition of Acupuncture to my weekly schedule has helped significantly in keeping my body in routine, maintaining sleep patterns, overcoming stress & anxiety, keeping me from illness and helping build my physical strength.”

Corporate Executive

I am so glad I went to Dr. Boxer for help.  I loved my treatments.  Dr. Boxer is very knowledgeable in Fertility & Women’s Health.  She was very attentive to me and my needs, and was able to enhance my IVF treatments and get my body in optimal health before and all throughout my Pregnancy.  The office and patient rooms are so peaceful with light music and they smell wonderfully.  I’m very happy to recommend Dr. Boxer!


New Mom

A huge THANK YOU to Dr. Boxer who encouraged me to do the Core Restore Detox/Cleanse. It was easier than I expected and you feel FANTASTIC … even just a few days in. By the end of it (7 days) my energy and alertness was unmatched and I lost 6 pounds to boot! Plus you feel like you have accomplished something great–physically and mentally! It’s a win win all around! Highly recommend!!!!



Over 25 years in Functional Nutrition

Acupuncture, Herbs, Nutrition, Homeopathy in Santa Monica, CA


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Mindy Boxer, PhD, LAc
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Giuditta T.
Giuditta T.
2014-02-21 07:45:28
I really love Mindy and as a doula I send her a lot of my pregnant clients and they are always very satisfied. I have sent her moms who had never had...
Shelley Y.
Shelley Y.
2013-06-27 15:14:14
I started seeing Dr. Mindy Boxer for acupuncture treatments in February. I was almost 39 and wanted to start a family. I had anticipated it taking a while...
Eric C.
Eric C.
2012-10-02 13:43:53
I tried a few different acupuncturist in Santa Monica and found that while the treatments worked for my upper back pain, the experience was much like going...

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