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Fertility & IVF

I was referred to Dr. Boxer as a 34-year-old seeking treatment for infertility. I had already undergone several attempts at IUI and one unsuccessful round of IVF. When I asked my doctor about acupuncture, he suggested I see Dr. Boxer, and I began weekly appointments about two months before undergoing my second round of IVF. Dr. Boxer accompanied my husband and I to the embryo transfer at my clinic so I could receive acupuncture immediately before the procedure, and it was ultimately successful – I became pregnant (it’s a girl!). I have continued to see Dr. Boxer on a weekly basis into my second trimester to improve circulation, aid implantation and treat pregnancy symptoms. Throughout my treatment, Dr. Boxer has been a great support, positive and encouraging, and offering advice based on her knowledge and experience. Dr. Boxer has created a relaxing and comfortable environment, and looks to customize treatment for each of her patients. She frequently recommends certain supplements or other remedies that may be helpful to add to my treatment, but never put pressure on me to use anything I wasn’t comfortable with. She is a good listener, and took a genuine interest in my ongoing doctor appointments, other medical treatments, and symptoms, and the role she could play in supporting my overall health and well-being. She always followed up when she told me she would send me more information on something, whether medical or otherwise. I appreciate her being a part of my journey to pregnancy and am very happy to recommend her services.


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