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Supportive Care in Cancer treatment ~ Acupuncture, Herbs & Nutritional Counseling ~

The American Cancer Society has reported that half of all men and a third of all women in the United States will develop Cancer during their lifetimes. Although there are many forms of cancer, all forms of the disease begin with abnormal cells that grow out of control.
Unlike other illnesses that are eradicated by the body’s natural defense system, Cancer needs to be treated with powerful medical interventions. Unfortunately, most of the current cancer treatments available have some debilitating side effects. This is where Acupuncture can provide real help, by decreasing many of the side effects associated with conventional Cancer treatments. (Radiation, Chemotherapy, Drugs)….
Clinical trials have examined the effects of Acupuncture on Cancer and the symptoms caused by Cancer treatment, including weight loss, cough, chest pain, fever, anxiety, depression, night sweats, hot flashes, dry mouth, speech problems and fluid retention in the arms or legs. Studies have shown that, for many patients, treatment with Acupuncture either relieves symptoms or keeps them from getting worse.
Relieves Pain and Stiffness during Hormone Therapy
In 2010, The Journal of Clinical Oncology published the results of a small study that concluded that Acupuncture helped relieve pain and stiffness in Breast cCancer patients who were simultaneously being treated with hormone therapies.
Minimizes Dry Mouth
In 2009, the Medical Journal Head and Neck reported the results of a pilot study done at the University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center. The subjects were people suffering from head and neck Cancer. The authors concluded, “This pilot study demonstrates that acupuncture can improve the subjective symptoms of dry mouth in patients with radiation-induced xerostomia as early as two weeks after starting treatment, and the benefits can remain at least one month after treatment ends,” Dr. Mark Chambers told Reuters Health.
Reduces Pain and Shoulder Dysfunction
In 2008, Dr. David Pfister, chief of the head and neck medical oncology service at the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York City, presented at the American Society of Clinical Oncology annual meeting in Chicago. He reported that patients found significant reductions in both dry mouth and pain and shoulder dysfunction after neck dissection with the help of Acupuncture.
Reduces Hot Flashes
In 2011 A Yale University/University of Pittsburgh study of women with hot flashes brought on by conventional breast cancer treatment found that women who received Acupuncture had a 30 percent reduction in hot flashes.

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