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“Pre-Conception Cleanse”

Thinking of getting ready to have a baby?  or planning to have your second child?   The best way is to prepare by first doing a Detox/Cleanse.  Important for both wives and husbands.  I am now offering a 1, 2 or 3 Week Plan, that is easy to incorporate into your busy lifestyle!

Detoxification is an essential process for the health of the body. My “Pre-Conception Cleanse” program enhances the elimination of many common pollutants and toxins that you are exposed to everyday.                              Think of it as a “Spring Cleaning” for your insides!

Feel great, eliminate cravings, have more energy, sleep better, enhance libido ~  Call today to get started!               310. 450. 9711.  Nutritional counseling and Acupuncture in Santa Monica ~

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