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Optimize your Digestive Health today!

Over 95 million Americans suffer from digestive disorders ranging from constipation, diarrhea and irritable bowel syndrome to more serious conditions such as acid reflux (GERD), ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease.

In fact, over 35 million physician office visits a year are due to gastro-intestinal complaints. With the side-effects that often accompany western medicine and sometimes less-than-desirable results, many patients are turning to acupuncture for help. Reports are confirming that acupuncture and Chinese medicine can offer relief from even the most complex digestive problems.

Diagnosis and Treatment of Digestive Disorders ~

Evidence that Chinese medicine has been used for digestive disorders can be found in early medical literature dating back to 3 AD, where specific acupuncture points and herbal formulas for borborygmus (rumbling or gurgling in the intestines), abdominal pain and diarrhea with pain are discussed.

According to Chinese medical theory, most digestive disorders are due to disharmony in the spleen and stomach. The spleen plays a central part in the health and vitality of the body, taking a lead role in the assimilation of nutrients and maintenance of physical strength. It turns digested food from the stomach into usable nutrients and qi. Many schools of thought have been formed around this organ; the premise being that the proper functioning of the ‘middle’ is the key to all aspects of vitality.

By taking into account a persons’ constitution and varied symptoms, a treatment plan is designed specifically for the individual to bring their “middle” back into harmony and optimize the proper functioning of the digestive system. A variety of techniques can be used during treatment including Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine, Nutritional supplements, Probiotics,  Lifestyle/Dietary recommendations, and energetic exercises to restore digestive health.

If you suffer from a digestive disorder, call me to set up a time for your personal review. I will be able to give you more information about treatment options to get you healthy and feeling great!  Over 20 years experience in Functional Nutritional Counseling, Detox Programs and more ~   310. 450. 9711.

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