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Healthy Skin begins with good Qi & Blood Circulation…..

Acupuncture is a wonderful, holistic, alternative approach to fighting the aging process:

  • Increasing the flow of energy, blood and lymph circulation improves the face’s natural, healthy color, diminishes wrinkles and eliminates fine lines.
  • Promoting collagen production increases muscle tone and elasticity helping to firm the skin, fill out wrinkles, and reduce bags and sagging.
  • Stimulating the formation of body fluids nourishes the skin and encourages it to be moister, softer, smoother, and more lustrous. Chinese herbs work excellently in replenishing Yin energy (body fluid), which is extremely beneficial in the prevention and/or improvement of wrinkles resulting from menopause or cigarette smoking.
    • Healing physical, emotional and spiritual issues to reduce stress and improve overall health and well being. Since the body/mind/spirit are all connected, negative emotions reflect in the face and change the appearance of skin texture, color, and tension. Acupuncture can eliminate stress and bring out the innate strength, vitality and health.
    • In addition to enhancing skin appearance, most people are pleased to find that their sinus problems, headaches, toothache, TMJ, PMS and menopause have distinctly improved! You will not only look younger but also most certainly feel younger.

    Start today – move towards a healthier, more beautiful, energized, and younger – looking you! call today to set up a relaxation & rejuvenation treatment: 310. 450. 9711.

    Naturopathic Healthcare in Santa Monica ~ Dr. Mindy Boxer


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