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Spring Chinese Medicine Tips to Keep You Healthy, Happy & Flexible

spring-has-sprung-5_lSpring is a happy time.   Flowers emerge in long forgotten corners of your garden.  The birds return and sing so loudly they wake you in the morning.

This is not a time to be angry.

But according to Traditional Chinese Medicine, being angry is exactly what you can expect if you don’t balance your Wood Element.

In TCM, spring is represented by the element wood.  Wood represents birth & renewal, the time for fresh ideas and new beginnings.  Unsurprisingly, its associated color is green like the fresh growth of spring.

The Wood Element governs your spine, joints, muscles, ligaments & tendons.  A wood element imbalance can lead to spinal problems, poor flexibility or arthritis.  Wood also governs your eyes.

But most important for your mood, wood governs your LIVER.  Your LIVER is responsible for the smooth flow of Qi (energy) and smooth flowing Qi means health and vitality.  The emotion associated with your liver is ANGER.  If your liver is imbalanced your Qi will be disrupted and you’ll be frustrated and angry.

Healthy Spring Chinese Medicine practices mean balancing your Wood Element and caring for your liver.

Healthy Spring Chinese Medicine Practices

Try these Spring Chinese Medicine recommendations, to keep your wood element balanced and your liver healthy.

  • Cleanse.  Cleaning your colon releases accumulated toxins, undigested food, parasites and fungi.  With a clean colon your digestion is more efficient and your body is healthier….I offer a “Core Restore” Program for this.
  • Detox your Liver.  Reduce or eliminate alcohol or drugs that are toxic to your liver.  Consider a detox that specifically targets your liver.  Call me to order your 1, 2 or 3-week Detox Kit!
  • Stretch.  Start or recommit to a healthy stretching routine.  Try Yoga, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, or other exercises that move, loosen and flex your joints.
  • Exercise your eyes.  Massage your face, especially around your eyes.  Roll your eyes and move them in figure 8s.  Practice focusing on distant objects and then focusing on close objects in quick succession.  Put time limits on your computer sessions.  These exercises strengthen your eyes and can improve your eyesight.
  • Control your anger.  Create a healthy anger management plan.  Journal, meditate or get counseling.  Put limits on stressful situations.  Find activities that refocus your anger in healthy ways.

 Healthy Spring  Diet

Follow these tips for a healthy Spring Diet that supports your Liver.

  • Eat light.  This is the time of year to start eating more Raw & Sprouted foods.  Overeating taxes your liver.
  • Eat greens.  Sprouts, Wheatgrass, Spinach, Kale and Dandelion greens are particularly good foods in the spring.
  • Love Lemons?  Sour is the flavor associated with Spring, however sour flavors are only recommended for certain constitutions.  Instead of dousing your greens with vinegar or lemon juice dressings, consult with me to find out what flavors are best for you.
  • Drink Milk Thistle tea.  Milk thistle detoxes your liver. (you can also take this in capsuls or a tincture).
  • Spices.  Pungent spices like Basil, Fennel, Marjoram, Rosemary, Caraway, Dill and Bay Leaf are excellent for spring cooking—and they taste good.

By keeping the wood element balanced and your liver healthy you will be happy.  You’ll feel vital, flexible and clear.  If you have questions about healthy spring Chinese Medicine & Nutrition practices, feel free to call me for recommendations.   310. 450. 9711.

Photo credit: jurvetson / CC BY

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